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  • Main brush with special “V” shape, allows maximum performances of debris collection
  • Self-levelling mechanical system for an always perfect adherence between brush and floor.
  • Deactivation and re-star t of working functions simply by traction pedal.
  • Filter shaker with automatic option. Intervals can be programmed through electronic board
  • Protected and waterproof controls
ModelMaximum Working WidthMain Brush WidthProductivity (M2/H)Dirt Container Volume (Litters)Power SupplyFilter Space (m2)Maximum Speed (Km/Hr)Weight (KG)Dimensions (LxWxH ) (Cm)
1250 E120070077008524V (4x6V)-250 Ah (C5) (Battery)46.22441615x905x1210
1250 P1200700770085Honda 5.5 HP Motor (Petrol)46.23061615x905x1210
1250 D1200700770085Yanmar 4.6 HP Motor (Diesel)46.23181615x905x1210
1280 E1200700770010524V (4x6V)-250 Ah (C5) (Battery)46.22441615x905x1210
1280 P12007007700105Honda 5.5 HP Motor (Petrol)46.23091615x905x1210
1280 D12007007700105Yanmar 4.6 HP Motor (Diesel)46.23181615x905x1210


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