Vital started in the year 1995 as the dealer of Lovato Gas Conversion equipment for automobiles. We introduced this technology for the first time in South Kerala. Later we became NO 1 dealer for Kerala. We also introduced UPHOLSTERY SHAMPOOING, TUFFLON COATING AND KEY DUPLICATING for automobiles.

IN 1999 WE Became THE DEALER OF KARCHR. Professional cleaning equipments. WHICH we continued till 2007. In the mean time, we started VITAL CLEANING COMPANY to cater professional housekeeping services for the highly demanding industrial & corporate clients. In 2003 we incorporated Vital Company to Vital Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Now VITAL IS engaged in entire facility management services. Vital Hospitality Pvt. Ltd is also involved in HR service provider to cope up with current market trends and to meet the highly demanding corporate, industrial, educational& hospitality sectors. Vital Hospitality primarily provides housekeeping and related services. And also we proved good service in human resource solutions and services. Currently we are maintaining 15lakhs sq. ft daily spread across different locations by our 300 plus staffs. We are active across all industry in pre opening, day maintenance and specialized cleaning jobs.

Team professional, technical personnel, Trainers, Management advisors and people of varied domain expertise advice the organization. The team is competent, confident committed and work towards a goal of achieving excellence and satisfaction beyond expectations.

In 2012 Vital imported & introduced a space age technology for the purification of indoor air for the first time in India under the brand Eco guard Air purifier. This innovative technology is 100% green, non toxic & safe for plants & animals. It creates a forest like atmosphere indoor.

Now we are in the process of engineering & modifying this technology further and make it one among the best technology in air purification & Indoor Air Quality. For this we have entered into tie-up with some premier R&D firms to produce Mercury free Plasma UV lamp which will be the first in the world.

We are expecting to launch this new product for toilet deodorization & sanitation, Air Purification for conditioned space Hot or cold. And for a host of many other air purification & deodorization Applications. As a matter of fact Odor is created by fungi, mold, bacteria, voc etc. Our product literally eliminates these without chemicals & purifies the air.